Who we are

The eviction defenCe network

The Eviction Defence Network organizes on unceded and occupied Kwantlen, Katzie, Musqueam, Semiahmoo, Tsawwassen, Qayqayt, Kwikwetlem, Sto:lo, Squamish & Tsleil-Waututh territories.

Our network has its roots in the struggle against mass eviction in the working class neighbourhood of Metrotown, on the occupied Coast Salish territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples in Burnaby, Canada. In 2015, Stop Demovictions Burnaby” was started by members of the Alliance Against Displacement (now Red Braid Alliance) and residents of the buildings facing eviction. SDB fought the mass displacement of tenants through “demoviction,” the demolition of low income buildings to make space for luxury condominiums. We organized marches, speak-outs and occupations of city hall, and a two week long squat of a building that had been evicted. SDB made significant wins over the years, while also learning hard lessons that the limited reforms won, when appropriated by progressives at city hall, disorganized our Indigenous and working class communities.


The Evictions Defence Network is a new organization and we are still finding our feet, but we formed out of the lessons and struggles waged for five years in Stop Demovictions Burnaby, so while we may be new, we are experienced!  

We make decisions about actions and priorities through weekly Eviction Defence Network meetings. We are affiliated to the Autonomous Tenants’ Union Network as well as the Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism, which provides political, logistical, and financial support to the Network.

Our main organizing project is to build power by connecting with people facing displacement. We organize neighbourhood meetings to help tenants think through the struggles they face and decide how to collectively protect our communities. We use rallies, press conferences, direct actions, and squats to fight for and create universal housing.

Our work

Building a movement against evictions

Our strategy is to organize neighbourhoods facing gentrification and other forms of mass displacement. Our goal is to connect tenants to each other, in order to build a large network of organized tenants to stop evictions through political organization and direct action. To struggle against the whole system of capitalist property relations and the commodification of housing on stolen Indigenous land, we tie each eviction to the structures of capitalism and colonialism which push tenants in a circle of looming evictions and homelessness.

Since the beginning of COVID, we slowed down on door knocking, in person meetings and town halls. Instead we started a postering campaign, with a phone line people can reach out to. Once people call us, we work with them to connect with the rest of their building and neighbourhood to fight their eviction. From these connections, we held our first anti-evictions blockades and actively organize alongside tenants and street kin communities across multiple cities to fight their evictions from market and non-profit housing.